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Depression, Mental Illness and What We Can Learn From the Death of Robin Williams

Depression, Mental Illness and What We Can Learn From the Death of Robin Williams

I’ve been trying to find the right words and right time to put my thoughts to paper (well, internet) about the recent events that I feel almost literally shocked the nation (maybe world? Is that too much?).

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While I will never claim to be the biggest Robin Williams fan, I did enjoy his work. I haven’t seen everything he’s produced, including some of the “greats” that…

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Selection of Wedding Photos of Bisexual Activists:  Bisexual Pride + Marriage Equality = Perfect Together 

This is why we try really hard not to call it “gay marriage.” Same sex marriage equality matters for bisexual and pansexual and all other multisexual people and just because a couple is same sex doesn’t mean EITHER of them is gay.


I’ve been horrible at keeping this thing going…

But it’s that time of year again, folks… GISHWHEStime! I did it last year with my friend Allegra. We didn’t really have a team so we got thrown together with a couple of other teams. This year we found a group of people and have been adding to our team.  We even did a google+ hangout thing where we became so fascinated with the stickers and such…

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Awesome moon out tonight. Wish I could get a better shot.

Anyone know what was used to shoot this?

I used a Canon 7D body with a Canon EFS 17-55mm lens.

This final photo is a combination of two different shots. In order to properly expose the moon and the clouds I had to change the exposure to not wash out the moon (but which completely disappeared the clouds), and then changed it again to properly capture the clouds (which washed out the moon). Combine the two and you get a pretty neat single image.

It’s a lovely photo! I do more people than things and most certainly don’t have the photoshop knowledge (or proper equipment) to pull that off.

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