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Birthday Facts!

I usually try do to the same amount of facts as how old I am, but I had some issues coming up with 25 new facts. So here’s 21!

Happy Birthday to me!

1. After a recent series of events, I’ve been getting my life on track. I’ve started to simplify my life and stay healthy

2. I currently have a full-time job that I love. The people are great, the job is okay and it gives me the time to also run…

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PTN College Edition: Declutter Your Life

PTN College Edition: Declutter Your Life

Since it’s almost time for college move in, I figured I’d get to the post about simplifying your life from clutter and such that I’ve been trying to write for a few months.

When I lived in a studio I thought I had my items under control. I had to fit everything I owned in a 550 sq ft. space, how couldn’t my things be under control?

Every time I moved I realized just how much crap I actually own.…

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